What Can a Parent Do

What Can a Parent Do?

7 Week Course for Parents with children aged 5-15 yrs

If you have 5-15 year old and would like to learn how to parent in a more effective, and respectful way, come and join us for this fun, interactive 7-week course.

‘What Can a Parent Do?’ helps you to deal with the nitty-gritty of parenting school aged children. You will learn new and more effective ways of dealing with misbehaviours, learn the power of encouragement and build stronger family relationships.

This course has helped countless parents already, so we are confident it will also help you.

The seven sessions of the course look at the following subjects:

Understanding your child

Learn what your child is really looking for when they display attention seeking behaviour? What do you do when they enter into a power contest, seek revenge, show inadequacy or when they simply want to impress their friends. Learn new ways of dealing with this type of behaviour such as paying less attention to the misbehaviour and giving more positive attention when the children behave well.

Taking responsibility

How to become a responsible parent, by eliminating controlling behaviours or perfectionism and how to avoid becoming a doormat or being overprotective. We will also look at how to encourage children to be more responsible by giving them simple age appropriate responsibilities.

Encouraging your child

We will look at effective ways of encouraging your child, how to notice positive behaviour and the difference between encouragement and praise.

Learning to Listen

We will look at active listening skills and helping children to talk out their feelings.

Dealing with problems

You will learn how to communicate about problems, which involves working out who owns the problem, “I messages” and a four stage problem-solving approach.


How to discipline your child effectively by being firm, friendly and consistent and through giving them limited choices and allowing them to live with the consequences.

Talking with your child

How to talk things through together and effective use of family meetings.

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‘What Can a Parent Do?’ is a Family Caring Trust’s evidence based course, as recommended by Leeds City Council’s Family Support and Parenting Team