Money Course

The Money Course

2 week course

Bring happiness and health to your finances. This simple two-week course will teach you everything you need to know about budgeting and saving.

If your finances are in a bit of a rut, you struggle with debt or you would just like to find a new simple budgeting system to tidy up your finances, the Money Course is an effective tool in bringing health into any financial situation.

The principles you will learn on this course will work to organise your finances no matter the size of your income or your financial know-how.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Building a workable budget
  • Balancing your budget
  • Organising your finances in a simple three account money system
  • Using cash
  • Saving
  • Debt reduction

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The Money Course is based on the international CAP Money course, provided by CAP (Christians Against Poverty), an international debt counselling charity that has helped thousands to become debt-free.