About Us

Est. 2009

Project Hope Leeds was established in 2012 to help meet the needs of our local communities, working in partnership with other organisations to bring fresh hope to families and individuals in need.

A Word from our Project Director

Welcome to Project Hope Leeds. I’m so glad you found us and hope that we may be able to help.

I originally created this project to give children a better start in life. Whilst volunteering for another charity, which at the time supported young women with life controlling issues, I witnessed the harm unfulfilled family life can cause to a young life. I wanted to become a part of the solution and deal with the problems before they arise.

Most parents want the best for their children, but sometimes they are simply ill-equipped to deal with demands of parenting and unable to fulfil the emotional needs of their children.

We are here to help, by teaching parents how to love their children in a meaningful way, that in turn enables their children to grow confidently in an atmosphere of acceptance and affirmation.

I love to equip parents on how to set boundaries, yet respect their children’s rights. To help them parent in a way that leads to lifelong beautiful friendships with their children. I believe that whole communities can thrive, when meaningful relationships are being formed.

Yes, I want to see people break out of the poverty cycle, but that won’t just happen by people gaining employment. It will happen when the deep rooted issues of unfulfilled family life are healed.

I passionately believe that the beautiful communities we have the privilege to support can have a hope and a greater future, but is starts with one mum or one dad learning how to show love to their child in a way that the child understands, so that this child grows up believing that they can change the world!

Gosia Denham

Gosia Denham, Project Director