From Pram to Primary

This simple and fun 7-week course will help you to parent your 0-6 year old children and give you new skills and approaches to deal with some misbehaviour.

Whether you encounter some behaviours you don’t like, or you would like to learn how to be more encouraging and spend some quality time with your children, this simple yet very effective course is for you.  It will help you to understand your children better and deal with misbehaviours in a more effective and respectful way. You will be able to enjoy seeing your children grow up contented, confident and respectful to others. Plus you will get to spend time with other parents in similar situations and pick up tips from each other.

The course covers the following themes/subjects:

  • Behaviour you don’t like – including why children misbehave, different approaches parents tend to take (authoritarian/permissive) and looking at new ways of dealing with misbehaviour  (e.g. paying less attention to some of the misbehaviour and giving good, positive attention when children behave well).


  • Encouraging your child – noticing them when they are good, allowing children to become more confident by encouraging simple responsibilities, looking for effort rather than perfection, noticing the value of a child’s small contributions and avoiding insincere over-the-top praise.


  • Listening means paying attention – play listening, listening for the feelings and active listening skills.


  • Talking with your child – talking positively, respecting children’s rights and using “I messages” to communicate about problems.


  • Discipline – allowing children to make a limited choice and live with the consequences (i.e. “you can play quietly in here or make as much noise as you like outside, which do you choose?”).If consequences need to be applied, allowing the consequences to flow naturally from the offence.


  • Quality time – making time for children, importance of play, positive attention and touch, having a special time with children.


‘Pram to Primary’ is a Family Caring Trust’s evidence based course, as recommended by Leeds City Council’s Family Support and Parenting Team