Confidence Course

If you would like to grow in confidence, be better equipped to achieve your goals and see yourself change and grow as a person then, then this is the course for you.

The Confidence course will teach you to have a deeper awareness, understanding and appreciation of your own resources, a stronger belief in your ability to try great things and to succeed. It will also help you to form a bigger picture of the many possibilities and options available to you, that you might not see now. The course will help you develop the following skills:


  • ability to manage and effect significant personal change
  • change deep rooted behaviours
  • release untapped potential
  • empower yourself and others
  • take accountability
  • consistently set and achieve challenging goals
  • motivate yourself over a sustained period
  • flourish in new environments


The Confidence course is based on gestalt psychology and designed to provide a step-by-step guide towards reaching your potential. It starts with exploring your previous conditioning and belief systems. You will then progress to look at self-talk and how it shapes your self-image, which in turn controls your behaviour.  Also learn about the concepts of comfort zones, motivation, visualisation and affirmations, which will help you set and achieve the goals you aim for.