We have a wide variety of courses and activities to help meet the real needs of our local communities.

We continually reassess the needs of the families and individuals we are working with and readjust our programme of activities to better meet their needs.

We love people and believe that each individual we are supporting has a great potential and we are committed to unlocking their strengths. We accept people no matter where they are at and we don’t believe in a “we have all the answers” approach; instead we are committed to working with people, responding to the needs and issues that are important to them.

We operate under the guidelines of our Safeguarding Children Policy, Venerable Adult Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy. All our activities are risk assessed and our staff and volunteers are well trained and CRB checked.

"Working with Gosia and Project Hope Leeds is amazing. We work as a team and I think we complement each other wonderfully. Working with the families I do, I know straight away if they have a specific need. I can go to Project Hope Leeds and they work in the very same way I do. We are about people and helping people is our motivation. I know any one I refer to Gosia and Project Hope Leeds will receive the support, advice and kindness I feel is vital when working with people and their families. Especially understanding and thoughtfulness - that is the key."

Annette Rowbuck - Ebor Gardens Primary School


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