bringing hope to families and individuals across Leeds

Welcome to Project Hope Leeds

We’re here to support and resource families and individuals in Leeds.

Our work is all about bringing hope to the amazing individuals, families and communities around us and letting them know that they can have a bright future.

We have plenty of courses and activities for people to come together in an encouraging environment enabling them to grow in parenting skills, encouraging them to make positive lifestyle choices, giving them confidence to address basic educational needs and resourcing them to help them break the poverty cycle.

We love the people of Leeds and we’re here to do all we can to help people live a great life.

“Stacey has been behaving badly since she started high school, the other day when I went into her bedroom she even bit me on my leg. I am not going to lie – before I would have hit her back, but since the course I have learned to go downstairs and calm myself down. So I did that and then went back up to talk to her when I was calm”

Steve - Dad of 5 (attended parenting course, Parent & Toddler Group and Tea Time Club)


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